Ship Log #3: “The Sands of Endless Time”

Entry Log by: SS1 Captain Brian

As hot as whatever dang sun this is, I’ve never felt happier to feel warmth (albeit scorching my skin through my long sleeve jumpsuit). As irritating as the coarse sand hitting my face might be, it brings back subtle, distant memories of the Pacific shore. Thoughts of aimlessly walking down the coastline on a perfect summer day began to come back into the fold after what seemed like endless amounts of darkness traveling to an inevitable death sentence. As reality begins to set in that we’re still alive, instincts and mission objectives hammered into my brain during years of training begin to climb back up to the surface of consciousness. Being a Captain within the first multi-universe exploratory mission has truly been the highest honor of my life so far, but what I’m most proud of is the family we’ve built inside the ranks of this beautiful, destined community.

My watch hasn’t worked properly in weeks, if not months, who knows at this point. However, amidst the chaos of recruits, I quickly noticed something that left me frozen and utterly speechless — it started to move again. I wiped the whipping sand away from my eyes to take another hard look at my wrist, and lo and behold, the second hand crept ever so slowly as if everything on this planet was a tenth of the speed of Earth. It was almost as if time stood st — no, it couldn’t be. C’mon Brian, pull yourself together.

This place seems to get weirder and weirder by the second (whatever that means anymore), but there are more pressing issues to pertain to than a watch that is probably just dead anyway. Word is getting around that the crew is splitting up to check out the dunes ahead. I’ll follow Commanders Von and Sean to the ends of the galaxy, but something gives me a very, very bad feeling about what lies on the other side of the sand drifts…



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