Ship Log #15: “Reputation on the Line”

Entry Log by: DeadHead Tylea of Brazoria

Protecting the reputation of Brazoria is my number one priority during the beginning of these dark times. After Nifty and the Legion of Wen’s planned invasions of both Makanan and Simia, there has been widespread panic across the galaxy the likes of which I’ve never seen before. Panic leads to less travel, which ultimately leads to less people spending their hard earned money within the resort. No bueno for me.

The humans arriving alongside the Thealuvians and the royalty in King Aras of Simia certainly helps the vibes around these parts, the safer things are around here the better (outside of the occasional blaster exchange of course). Giving the humans 200 credits each should encourage the high rollers to play more. Big money rolling around in the casino means the suckers come out to play as well. Keep the good vibes rolling and everyone will be happy. In the event that things start to get chippy, at least we’ll have the firepower advantage on our side…



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