Dispatch #18: “Desolation”

“HOW WAS SOMEONE ABLE TO INFILTRATE OUR SYSTEMS!” Tylea exclaimed as he slammed both fists onto the boardroom table inside one of the suites inside the Brazorian arena. “The greatest fight night in Brazorian history! The most tickets we’ve ever sold on a single event! This is absolutely unacceptable! Everything has been ruined because of some teensy-weensy moon blowing up…I will NOT go down for this!”

Brazorian casino boardroom members stared at one another in lieu of Tylea’s rage. Some were surprised at the inconsiderate comments towards fellow moon Loborio, others quickly tried to figure out internally how to gather their money and get out of this sector of the galaxy before things got worse. Every place the Legion of Wen has shown up, pain and suffering has followed to the surrounding areas of previous ‘hit’ sites.

Searing with rage to the point of killing off one of his boardroom goonies, Tylea collected himself, took a deep breath, and turned his attention to the center of the ring where the scheduled fights had resumed.

“Keep an eye on the rest of the fights. No one leaves this room until tonight’s profits are captured.” Tylea turned back around to face his board members. “I’m off to Destiny’s Fortune to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Tell security to lock down the ship and all Brazorian exits at once.”

The head of the casino stormed out of the suite, almost breaking the hand-sensored lock in the process. The rest of the board members looked at each other in silence, hesitant to risk the chance of fleeing or to wait for the profits and risk more death. Roars of cheer could be heard throughout the casino as the greatest night of Brazorian fighting continued.

- — -

“Uhh, this guy doesn’t look too happy.” said JB as Tylea made his way towards Destiny’s Fortune.” As the casino leader drew closer, the crew just outside the ship were beginning to notice more and more security rallying to surround them. The Commanders and intoxicated members of the crew could see the veins popping out of Tylea’s forehead, causing a few untimely chuckles as the situation grew more serious.

All exits blocked. Several hundred guards between them and the next ship. Sounds like a nice little welcoming party after a night of gambling.

“This doesn’t need to be difficult. You may have fooled our casino once with your happy-go -lucky antics, but we will not be the victim of galactic embarrassment. Do you know what we do to people that break the rules in Brazoria?” said Tylea as security forces around the perimeter drew their weapon, pointing them directly at the Commanders and crew.

“Look boss, I don’t know who hacked our system or how they were able to do it, but I can guarantee you that we have no interest in joining the Wen or have any intentions of blowing up Arderian moons.” said Commander Von, the tone in his voice growing ever pressing. “It’s hard to explain, but it’s actually the exact opposite.”

“Then how do you explain the communications jammer originating from inside Destiny’s Fortune?!” yelled the impatient casino manager. Recruits were finally sobering up, realizing that security was continuing to circle in on them every few seconds.

“Well, that’s news to us.” said Commander Sean calmly, trying to not draw attention to the bead of sweat running down his forehead. “I’m sure there’s a logical explanation to all –”

“LIES!” interrupted Tylea, finally having enough of Destiny’s Fortune’s antics. “Casino security has evidence that points to Legion of Wen sightings throughout the night, with communications that so rudely interrupted the greatest night of entertainment that Brazoria has ever seen. I could care less about Loborio’s sorry ass moon, someone needs to suffer the consequences of messing with the integrity of my casino!”

Silence echoed throughout the ship hangar. Even some of the security forces looked at each other with darting eyes of concern. Their boss had finally blown his gasket.

“Tylea of Brazoria.” said a voice from Destiny’s Fortune just inside the slipway. “I believe this is what you’re looking for.”

King Aras emerged from inside the ship, holding a piece of electronic equipment. The royalty of Simia quickly paced toward the casino leader as security let him through to make his case.

“Ahh, King of Aras of Simia. I didn’t think that someone of your upbringing and, dare I say, lifely abundance would ever dare sniffing a place like this. We are, as many wealthy have told us, scum of the Arderian galaxy.” Tylea stated, his mouth slyly curving into an evil grin.

Aras shrugged off the comment, not giving into the mind games of the Brazorian. Normally a being of acceptance towards all races and creatures of the galaxy, coincidentally the King and the rest of Simia did not have very good relations dating back generations with Brazoria.

“Your accusations are false, my friend.” said Aras calmly, “Destiny’s Fortune has been hunting down and battling the Legion of Wen over Makanan and Simia thus far. With Loborio being their latest victim, I expected at least a hint of sympathy out of you. Maybe that’s why my father told me to never do business with you or your kind.”

Tylea smirked, not taken aback whatsoever by the King’s attempt at slighting Brazoria. The Commanders looked at each as to warn the other of a potential confrontation. Movement from inside the ship triggered a few security members to shift their attention from the discussion that was slowly heating up.

“My King, it is with the utmost respect that I ask you to clear our security team to search the ship in lieu of what has happened tonight. Once all is clear, I’ll gladly order Destiny’s Fortune a pass. We can also have our research department take a closer look at the machinery brought forth.” said Tylea with a slightly sarcastic tone in his voice.

“Very well. Commanders, please let security make their way about the ship and let me know if they need anything.” said Aras, not really asking as much as stating as both Commanders Sean and Von nodded their heads in approval.

- — -

Riemer wrestled away the staff and sent it right back at one of the Wen, activating the stun setting and temporarily paralyzing his foe. He dropped to his knees and was immobile for a few seconds, still trying to recover from the initial blow that had paralyzed several members of Destiny’s Fortune. The entire crew was now in grave danger.

The Flight Engineer made his way out of the coliseum suite and back into the casino where recruits were still partying and gambling the night away. He managed to spot Risk and a few janitors at a craps table with no security in sight.

“Quick,” whispered Flight Engineer Riemer, “We have to get out of here, things are going to get ugly fast.I’ll explain in a bit but you have to trust me.” Clearing his throat in obvious pain, Riemer spit out the blood that had accrued from the skirmish between the Captains and the Wen. It was all up to a few of them to escape now.

Risk gave a quick scan of the janitor crew — Master of the Mop, Mr. Mop Buckets, Janitor Chokingrandy, Janitor Lanzy Tory, and Janitor Pro Erik — grabbed one of the pieces he had swiped from the Seal of Ilsendor, and followed the Flight Engineer to the nearest casino escape pod that wasn’t monitored by security.

As the rogue crew stealthily loaded themselves into the pod, they heard a quiet shriek coming from behind a set of old machinery in the bay.

“W-w-w-wait!!” said a shrill voice, the same voice that echoed over the loudspeaker inside the fight arena. “P-p-please take me with you, I need to make sure Loborio is avenged!”

“Who are you? You’re the one who interrupted tonight’s event. How can we trust you?” said Riemer, unwilling to give in without more detail.

“I am LaRoyo of Loborio, the sole Lobo to survive this evening’s attack by the Legion of Wen.” said the Lobo, the hair on his back stick straight up amidst the horrific terror his home moon incurred. “The Legion of Wen jammed the broadcast of the fights and rerouted a message they forced me to make while being held hostage after my delivery to the casino earlier in the day. P-p-please help me get out of here.”

A tad skeptic, Risk and Riemer looked at each other and coincidentally nodded.

“Alright, strap yourself in. You’ve got quite the backstory to fill us in on.” said Riemer, setting the escape pod sequence within the compound.

A few seconds later, the crew had disbanded from the rest of the casino and was now headed to the obliterated moon of Loborio, hoping to find any sort of evidence of remaining life on the latest victim of the Legion of Wen.



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